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The Lancers Lately Crew (2023-24)

team a

Photos By Rainna Trout, Class of 2025

Jondrina Cambra, Class of 2024 / Year 1 Video Productions

Jondrina has been at the Academy since junior kindergarten. She is also in the Army National Guard, and she enjoys going to the gym, hiking, and hanging out with friends. She is very excited to be a part of Lancers Lately this year and would like to be remembered as someone who is disciplined and dedicated to making her dreams a reality.




Ka'iulani Ferrer, Class of 2024 / Year 1 Video Productions

Ka'iulani has wanted to be part of Lancers Lately since she was in the 7th grade. She has been a filmmaker since the age of 7 and hopes to improve her cinematography skills.



Llana Lee, Class of 2024 / Year 2 Video Productions

Llana is currently working to get a pilot's license. She enjoys flight training, horseback riding, video gaming, and spending time with friends. She looks forward to Lancers Lately this year, as she enjoyed last year's class. She wants to be remembered as someone who is creative.



Paige Lum, Class of 2024 / Year 2 Video Productions

Paige has always been interested in being a part of the Lancers Lately newscast since she was in lower school and even made joining one of her high school goals. She loves everything digital from art to video editing to even coding and wants to pursue video production as her future career. She prides herself on her editing skills and even has a goal of editing at least two shows solo. Fun fact, she has a lot of goals and achievements she wants to fulfill before her senior year ends including passing down her editing position to a needy underclassman (LL reporter Lindsey Dimaya). She wants to be remembered as a determined and passionate individual and a fun, loving person.            


Aleia-Reese Nakoa, Class of 2027 / Year 1 Video Productions

Aleia-Reese has recently been into all of the behind-the-scenes work of photography and video production. She one day wants to travel the world as a photographer. Her hobbies include going to the beach and going around the island, which all allow many opportunities for her to practice her video and picture taking skills. Aleia-Reese is excited to get the chance to take part in creating the Lancer Lately and getting to see all of the hard work that goes into creating one. She wants to be remembered as the fun bubbly girl who took her chances to pursue what she was passionate about.


Eden Soxpollard, Class of 2025 / Year 1 Video Productions

Eden always wanted to join the Lancers Lately. She has a lot of hobbies including theater, sports, ceramics, and so much more. She hopes to help bridge the gap between our upper school and our lower school coverage. She helped coordinate a new segment called “Little Lancers Lately.” When she was younger she could not wait to join the crew and now she's giving a chance to other little girls. She looks forward to this year and wants the “Little Lancers Lately” to become her legacy.



Malaika Ssebayiteko, Class of 2024 / Year 2 Video Productions

Malaika hopes to pursue screen acting with a minor in broadcast journalism in college. Since she was little, she always had a love for film and television. This class will continue to help her learn more about the film industry, which will help her be successful in the future. Malaika would like to be remembered as the girl who persevered and achieved her goals. 


Chelstine Tavares, Class of 2024 / Year 1 Video Productions

Chelstine is looking forward to bringing humorous, joyful, energetic content to the Lancers Lately production! Chelstine is known to have a very positive and welcoming energy. As a BIONIC Lancer, Chelstine continues to give care and kindness to others no matter what. Chelstine hopes to be remembered as an individual who brought joy and laughter to Lancers Lately. She also hopes to be remembered as your authentic, classic 2024 class clown!

Rainna Trout, Class of 2025 / Year 2 Video Productions

Rainna Trout would always watch YouTube videos of people vlogging or listen to podcasts, which led to her interests in being on camera, or being part of a small set. With Video Productions, Rainna is finally able to live out that dream of being on camera. In the future, she hopes to have her own podcast with her friends or to be on television. She looks forward to using her creative skills while editing or coming up with ideas for new segments. When Rainna isn’t in school, she’s most likely out at the beach or at the mall buying clothes. A fun fact about Rainna is she's good at making herself known! She is always sharing about her life and keeps everyone updated. 

Team B

Photos By Mrs. Alyssa Myers, Adviser

Lindsey Dimaya, Class of 2025 / Year 2 Video Productions

Lindsey is excited to be more involved with the Academy’s media crew. Taking both Journalism and Video Productions, Lindsey hopes to bring new perspectives to the students, staff, and families of Sacred Hearts. Lindsey likes to make fun of Paige, a fellow LL-Crew member :3 Lindsey hopes to soon take over Paige’s job and become the ultimate editor.


Hantricia Lipai, Class of 2024 / Year 1 Video Productions

Hantricia is excited to be in the Video Productions class. She is excited to learn how the cameras work and to be able to take photos and videos of activities at the Academy. But she is most excited to edit. Hantricia is very outgoing, and she wants people to remember her as the student who loves being herself. 



Nikki Matsubara, Class of 2025 / Year 2 Video Productions

Nikki has learned a lot from being an anchor last year and is excited to anchor more this year. She enjoys music and hanging out with friends. Nikki wants to be remembered for being an anchor on the Lancers Lately.


Sage Nguyen, Class of 2027 / Year 1 Video Productions

Sage is excited to join Lancers Lately this year.  She’s excited to learn how to use a camera, edit, and much more. Sage enjoys singing, dancing, acting, and trying new things. She loves to spend time with her friends, family, and cat.




Katelyn Salcedo, Class of 2025 / Year 1 Video Productions

Katelyn is looking forward to being part of the school's Video Productions program. She hopes to get better at filming and editing so she can make creative and fun videos. Katelyn loves drinking boba and bowling.




Ofa Tuiafitu, Class of 2025 / Year 2 Video Productions

Ofa has come a long way from the beginning, increasing her understanding of the production world. She hopes to embark on a new journey in Video Productions. 

Mrs. Alyssa Myers, Adviser 

Mrs. Myers has been the Academy's Video Productions teacher for the past 9 years. She also teaches Journalism and Yearbook and is the school's Educational Technology Coordinator. Before teaching, she worked at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and Hawaii News Now and often freelanced for local publications. When Mrs. Myers is not in the classroom, she enjoys surfing, shopping, and adventuring with her husband, 5-year-old daughter (Liv), and 8-month-old son (Asher). One fun fact about her is that she has been to four different countries so far.