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Campus Ministry

The Academy’s Campus Ministry program exists to support and promote the Catholic identity and spirituality of the school, rooted when the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts founded the school in 1909.

Campus Ministry sponsors a number of programs and activities that promote the growth of students as individuals and as members of the faith community. These include Christian leadership groups, prayer and worship programs, retreats, community outreach and pastoral counseling.

Christian Leadership Groups

The Living in Faith Experience (LIFE) program, the Na Leo Ho’onani Liturgical Corps and the Lancer Christian Communities (LCCs) offer students opportunities to develop skills serving as leaders in the school community.

Each summer, a team of 12 seniors and two faculty members participate in LIFE, a Marianist-sponsored retreat program held in northern California. During this retreat, members of the LIFE team develop Christian leadership skills, which they employ during the upcoming school year. Among their activities, LIFE members lead the retreats for grades 6, 8, 9 and 10 and promote and organize the LCCs.

Members of the Na Leo Ho’onani Liturgical Corps play an important role in enriching worship services through song and dance.

LCCs are small faith-based groups comprised of members who renew their personal relationship with God through scripture, reflection and interaction with other students in meaningful, enjoyable and spiritual experiences.  Members of the LIFE team guide the LCCs.

Community Outreach

The Academy is committed to a strong service-learning program following in the footsteps of Jesus, who came to serve, not to be served. Thus, community service and outreach are integral parts of each class and are interwoven throughout the curriculum.

Through the Theology Department, Campus Ministry coordinates the school’s formal service-learning, or community service, program for students in grades 7-12. These students are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours in service to the community each year.

In the Lower School, service-learning is implemented through individual classes.

Some service-learning and community outreach programs sponsored by Campus Ministry include:

  • Fast for a Better Tomorrow
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive for the outreach at neighboring parishes
  • Building relations with families of Loliana Hale, a transitional shelter for homeless families.

Prayer & Worship

Each month, the Academy conducts special Mass and liturgy services throughout the year, planned and organized by students and the Campus Ministry staff. The Campus Ministry staff assists students who serve as ministers of music, dance, drama and hospitality, setting the tone for the service.


Students in grades 6-12, accompanied by select faculty, spend a day of prayer, sharing and reflection off-campus during special retreats at St. Anthony Retreat Center.

Pastoral Counseling

A member of the Campus Ministry team prays individually with each student in grades 7-12, encouraging her to participate in parish and church sacramental and youth programs as part of its Pastoral Counseling activities.