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Lancer Athletics

Lancer Athletes

Sacred Hearts Academy recognizes that athletics is an integral part of a student’s education, and the mission of the Athletic Department is to facilitate the school's vast array of sports offerings for student-athletes, which complement its academic curriculum. 

Participation in Lancer Athletics develops a well-rounded student, physically and academically; instills the principles of sportsmanship and fair play and fosters leadership. During participation in athletics at the Academy, students also learn the true meaning of commitment and bear the primary responsibility for balancing their schedule, completing academic commitments and organizing their time in order to maximize their growth. 

For the Academy's student-athletes and extended members of the school 'ohana, Lancer Athletics provides an identity that promotes pride and loyalty to the school. They take pride in being known as the Lancers, in honor of the spirit, courage and discipline of the school's patron saint, Joan of Arc.

I am humbled to head the department in its quest to foster well-rounded young women who enthusiastically engage in the spirit of competition.

Ryan Hogue
Athletic Director
808.734.5058, ext. 323


Our Courageous & Persistent Lancers! #GoLancers!