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Student Experience

At Sacred Hearts Academy, learning doesn’t stop when the last school bell rings. A thriving activities program gives students the opportunity to work together, accomplish goals, develop leadership skills, build friendships, try new things, face challenges, and have fun!

Sacred Hearts students can participate in a wide variety of clubs, serve as leaders in student government, support their community through  service, or pursue special interests outside of class.

Throughout the year, student life is enriched with special assemblies, pep rallies, spirit days and class gatherings. These activities help to balance academic life, build school spirit and enhance bonds of friendship that can last a lifetime.


Why I Love SHA by Kennedy B., '29

Sacred Hearts Academy, "Stay Golden", 2021-2022

We invite you to learn about the Sacred Hearts Academy 2021-2022 theme of the year, "Stay Golden", with special messages from Dr. Scott Schroeder, President, and our Student Council. Stay Golden celebrates the Academy's iconic colors of white and gold while also honoring the legacy of the strong and resilient women before us. We hope to continue demonstrate the qualities of resilience, integrity, and sisterhood throughout this school year's activities and for many more years to come! #GoLancers!