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2021-2022 School Year Online Pre-Order Forms*

*Pre-Ordered by the Friday before by 10:00PM HST for the following Monday thru Friday. Weekly Pre-Order Forms will open on Wednesday afternoons.

Let’s begin with a great big WELCOME BACK to everyone. We have always done a lot of things behind-the-scenes and have put tremendous care and labor in ensuring every student is safe. While we are continuing to reinforce existing rules for personal hygiene, food safety, and infection control, HI Dining by Sodexo is also working to prevent and mitigate the spread of the virus. We take our job of keeping our stu-dents safe very seriously.

Our team is committed to high sanitation standards, including:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all tables and chairs
  • Maintaining proper handwashing and glove usage
  • Increased availability of hand sanitizer for our guests
  • Use of Ecolab SmartPowers Sanitizer which is EPA-registered food contact cleaner and sanitizer. This solution has a 15-second direct SARS-COV-2 Claim and a 30-second Norovirus claim along with killing foodborne organisms.

For this Fall 2021 Semester the following is in place:

  • There will be different food service options for students to choose from Breakfast, Snack options, Lunch Entrées, Vegetarian, Weekly Salad Special.
  • Breakfast, Snack and Lunch must be pre-ordered by the Friday before by 10:00pm for the following Monday thru Friday, pre-order form will open on Wednesday afternoons. To preorder click on your designated order form above or below:
  • Breakfast will be available for picked up at the Student Center from 7:15AM - 7:50AM.
  • Pre–Ordered* Snacks will be delivered to designated areas at designated grade level morning snack time periods.
  • The Snack Bar will be open for student to come to purchase items during their scheduled breaks.
  • Pre-Ordered* Lunch Options will be delivered to designated areas at designated grade level lunch period times.
  • *Pre-Orders: No refunds or credit for orders not picked up.

Please Note: Pricing for Breakfast, Lunch, & Lunch Entrees pricing is located on the Order Forms. Please keep your child's MealTime account filled. All meals will be deducted that day from your child's account, students can go to a negative $10. Reminder notes will be sent home, should a student accumulate a negative balance of more than $10, meals will not be prepared.

*Due to safety concerns, Microwaves, Toasters & Ice for Personal water bottles will not be available at this time. Please plan according with home lunch meals you provide for your child.

Please contact me if your daughter has any dietary allergies, at

Mahalo & Stay Safe,

Erin Awai
Area General Manager, Sodexo

Payment Options: We offer a prepaid food account eliminating the need for students to carry cash, as well as helping to expedite food service. Deposits for food service will be loaded directly onto student’s ID cards. Online deposits or monitoring of student purchases can be done so at Please note that online deposits will be assessed a convenience fee as imposed by MyMealtime. Payments can also be made by check (payable to Sodexo) or by cash at the Food Service Office located in the Student Center. Payments that result in insufficient funds will be assessed a $10 service charge. Students must have funds available in order to purchase items; accounts that hold a negative balance must deposit funds in order to resume lunch and snack purchases.