Ka Lei 'Ike

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The Ka Lei ‘Ike program is a public-private school partnership between the Academy and Palolo Elementary School.


The Ka Lei ‘Ike program utilizes the Academy’s resources to help economically-disadvantaged students “To Embrace Knowledge” and reach their full potential by:

> Providing educational enrichment

> Developing real-world skills

> Discovering and enhancing personal passions

> Cultivating leadership and team-building characteristics

> Fostering service and a desire to contribute positively to the community

> Instilling a passion for life-long learning and a desire to pursue education beyond high school.

How the Program Works

Each year, 10 Palolo Elementary School students entering fourth grade in the fall join the program. 

For five years, until they enter grade nine, Ka Lei ‘Ike participants attend the Academy’s Summer Session and are exposed to new ideas, new people and new experiences. 

Each day during the summer is comprised of core academic courses, which challenge the students to think critically and creatively; and a myriad of elective classes, which allows them to explore areas not readily available to them in their regular curriculum.

The students also engage in afternoon leadership classes aimed at building their self-concept, group activities and field trips to expose them to new places and experiences and reinforce the lessons learned throughout the day.

Each summer, the Ka Lei ‘Ike participants chart their growth and accomplishments in a portfolio of work which will “grow” with them as they progress through the program.

Program Sponsors

The Ka Lei ‘Ike program is independently-funded through grants and the generous support of Bill Reeves and Debbie Berger of The Learning Coalition, and Gailene Wong of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.