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Early College

Beginning in Fall 2023, in partnership with Chaminade University, Sacred Hearts Academy offers a combined high school and college curriculum for students during their junior and senior years, allowing them to earn their high school diploma from Sacred Hearts Academy and their Associate of Arts degree from Chaminade University at the same time.

This is a challenging Early College Program that helps students develop the habits, skills and readiness for university work because they will have done it already by the time they finish high school.  Participating in this program may enable students to reduce their time to earn their bachelor’s degree by up to two years, depending on their selected university and major.

Our new Early College Program is also financially beneficial.  The cost of tuition for the college courses is included with the regular Sacred Hearts Academy tuition. 

Class of 2025 Cohort
Curriculum Outline

Summer 2023
First Year Experience
Intro to Expository Writing

Fall 2023

General Biology I
Expository Writing
Introduction to Communication
America through Civil War

Spring 2024
General Biology II
World Religions
Beginning Ceramics
America since Civil War

Summer 2024
Influential Women in Christianity
Christian God & Human Experience

Fall 2024
College Algebra
English Elective
Justice, Development and Human Rights

Spring 2025
English Elective
General Psychology
Principles of Macroeconomics