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Mission, Vision and History

Sacred Hearts Academy Performing Arts Center Student Center Lower School Sunset

Mission Statement

Sacred Hearts Academy is a Catholic college preparatory school which provides girls and young women an exceptional education, the experience of  God’s compassionate love revealed in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the inspiration to become leaders for their communities and the world.

Vision Statement

The Academy is committed to provide an exemplary educational experience for Hawai'i's girls and young women which is grounded in the Catholic and Christian values of the founding Sisters. While laying a firm, academic foundation, this experience also focuses on helping its students to develop and thrive socially and emotionally, as leaders and change-makers, as confident creators and innovators, as caring and empathetic contributors focused on making their communities and the world a better place.

The History of the Academy

After Bishop Libert Boeynaems,, himself a member of the Sacred Hearts religious order, identified the need for a Catholic secondary school tailored to meet the needs of young women in the community, the Academy was founded in Honolulu by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts.

In September 1909, eleven Sisters of the Sacred Hearts welcomed 53 female students to the campus, situated in an area of overgrown kiawe and guava trees in the heart of Kaimuki.

In a 1959 book celebrating the Sisters’ 100th year in Hawaii and the Academy’s 50th year, it was written, “An alumna of ten years ago would have difficulty finding her way around the Academy today!  There are so many new things to see!”  The Academy continues to develop to meet the needs of today’s students while enriching their experiences with the Academy traditions that form the foundation for lives of accomplishment and impact.

In 1990, the Sisters passed the administration of Sacred Hearts to a lay staff, but the presence of Sacred Hearts Sisters on campus continues to be integral to providing a high quality Catholic education for girls and young women from preschool through high school.  The management of the Academy rests in a Board of Directors, with governance provided by the Sacred Hearts Sisters’ Board of Members.

The Academy is known for its outstanding academic, athletics and performing arts programs.  It’s known for its placement of graduates into top universities across the country and around the globe.  But most of all, the Academy is known for alumnae who make the world a better place, reflecting God’s compassionate love revealed in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.