Self-Care and Prevention

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The health and safety of students and all members of the school 'ohana is the top priority at the Academy. The school, its administration, faculty and staff are closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and adapt to take active steps to ensure the safety of the school community. The information below details the school's policies and procedures in place and updates to ensure optimum protection and safety for students, faculty and staff, as well as the extended 'ohana.

After the extended Spring Break, which was based on guidelines provided by Hawai'i Catholic Schools, students in all grades return to classes on March 30 via the Academy's DISTANCE-LEARNING PROGRAM.

The Academy's DISTANCE LEARNING PLAN (DLP) was finalized by administration and faculty during the Spring Break period. Details and instructions for students and families were communicated via EDUCATE this past week and are available via the tab below.

Operating under the revised guidelins from State and City government officials, no on-campus instruction or school activities will take place until April 30. 

The safety and providing an excellent educational experience for it's students remains the focus as the school modifies its practices. Thank you for  your understanding as the changing situation is monitored, evolves and is navigated and a community.

UPDATED: March 27, 2020

To prevent transmission and the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Hawai’i Department of Health recommend individuals practice good personal practices, detailed below.

> Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

> If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol and apply properly, covering all hand surfaces and rubbing together until they feel dry

> Avoid touching face – especially eyes, nose and mouth – with unwashed hands

> Follow respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing. Cough or sneeze into a tissue and immediately throw the tissue in the trash and wash or disinfect hands; if no tissue is available, cough or sneeze into clothes sleeve

> Do not shake hands

> Use knuckle to touch elevator buttons, light switches, ATMs and a closed fist to open doors in public spaces

> Do not share personal items with others, such as drinking cups, cell phones, etc., and wash all items for meals and refreshments immediately after use with soap and water

> > Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces often using cleaning solution or wipes, following product directions for proper usage

> Avoid close contact with people who are sick

> If ill, monitor symptoms and seek medical care if condition worstens

> If sick, stay home except to obtain medical care

> Avoid contact with others and pets and animals

> If ill, wear a facemask when interaction with others is absolutely necessary

> Also, if not ill, only wear a facemask if caring for someone who is sick

> Cover coughs and sneezes

> Practice social distancing and keep personal space between self and others if COVID-19 is spreading in area

> Contact doctor if ill and condition worsens to schedule an appointment and obtain additional care recommendations

Maintaining a clean and safe learning environment for students and faculty and staff is a daily focus at the Academy, and added measures are being implemented to address the spread of germs and COVID-19 and other illness pathogens

> Enhanced cleaning procedures are being added to the daily regimen across campus, with focus on high-use areas – including classrooms, restrooms, the Gymnasium and the Student Center – and high-touch surfaces – such as desktops, door knobs, faucets, etc.

> Additional, more intense cleaning will be conducted across campus during Spring Break with sanitizing and hygiene guidance provided by Ecolab

> Informational posters from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with recommended proper practices to prevent transmission of respiratory illness will be posted throughout classrooms and offices

Based on recommendations for safety and prevention, the Academy is following and adhering to guidelines and strategies from the CDC, the Hawai'i Department of Health and State and City and County officials advocating for social distancing.  In following these strategies, effective as of March 16, the Academy has implemented the following parameters for visitors to campus and will adapt these requirements as the situation warrants for safety and prevention

> With the exception of pick-up and drop-off of students, the school has restricted visitors to all campus facilities to students, parents of students, faculty, staff and vendors or those conducting business with prior approval from the Academy Administration to be on the premises

> The Academy is following guidelines set forth by the Federal and State government and the Department of Health in all matters related to COVID-19, including social distancing, interaction and travel