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The health and safety of students and all members of the school 'ohana is the top priority at the Academy. The school, its administration, faculty and staff are closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and adapt to take active steps to ensure the safety of the school community. The information below details the school's policies and procedures in place and updates to ensure optimum protection and safety for students, faculty and staff, as well as the extended 'ohana.

After the latest extension of the Stay-At-Home guidelines by the State and City and County government officials through the end of May, the Academy is extending its DISTANCE-LEARNING PROGRAM through the remainder of the school year. While hoping resolution and a return to on-campus learning would be possible, this continuation will help ensure students and families can move forward and have the best experience for learning, development and growth.

The Academy's DISTANCE LEARNING PLAN (DLP) was finalized by administration and faculty during the Spring Break period and was implemented on March 30, with valuable feedback and enhancements being made daily to improve the process. Details and instructions for students and families were communicated via EDUCATE and are available via the tab below.

Also, operating under the revised guidelines from State and City government officials, no on-campus instruction or school activities will take place until after the end of May and through early June.

Further information about end-of-year evaluations, Commencement activities and the school's Summer Programs are available with the latest UPDATE with more information forthcoming soon.

The safety and providing an excellent educational experience for it's students remains the focus as the school modifies its practices. Thank you for your understanding as the changing situation is monitored, evolves and is navigated and a community.

UPDATED: April 22, 2020

In this unprecedented time, the COVID-19 pandemic is extracting world-wide repercussions and affecting almost all aspects of daily life. However, as a school, the Academy remains firmly committed to the community and well-being of the school's students and their families. This includes continuing to provide an experience filtered through the care and commitment of the faculty and staff and the routine of daily learning as the Academy implements its DISTANCE-LEARNING PLAN (DLP) for students in all grades, from Pre-School to 12.

Of course, this distance-learning cannot quite replicate what happens when school is held on-campus, however, the staff and faculty have research and tried and tested the current Plan to ensure that the students benefit from an experience that mirrors in-class time as much as possible. This includes holding regular class meeting sessions, opportunities for social interactions - via technology for now, real-time feedback and community interaction.

The Academy's DISTANCE-LEARNING PLAN GUIDE describes this modified-learning approach that the Academy is adopting while the educational programs are offered online, rather than on-campus. This distance-learning approach for grades Pre-School to 12 students is structured to provide five main aspects within a flexible, technology-based framework:

> LIVE Student-Teacher Interaction

> Online content delivery

> Online Monitoring of Student Progress/Student Assessment 

> Online Faculty Office Hours for Use by Students and Parents

> Student Support From Academy Staff

This guide also provides information that will help Academy students and parents to transition to the online learning model effectively, experiencing confidence and competence from day one.

The Academy will continue to be the Academy while operating online - including its dedication to providing a great day-to-day experience, girl-focused teaching and Catholic education at its best remains the same. The work completed over Spring Break on this plan was a unique opportunity to reinforce these core commitments as the Academy strives to continue the mission focused on each student's educational experience while the entire State pf Hawai'i follows “shelter-in-place.”